CK Security CCTV cameras and detection systems are placed strategically around your premises or site. This will protect your site from unwanted intruders. Anyone attempting to access your site will trigger the cctv system. The system will activate the appropriate cameras and send live video images to our command centre. The command centre operators will respond with a forceful audio warning, informing the intruder to leave the site while informing the Gardai or keyholder of the break in and the location of the intruder.
We can also dispatch our mobile patrol.

who benefits?

Factories And Warehouses
Detect and prevent intrusions Monitor abnormal activities ( staff returning after work) Protect the key holder through live monitoring of the situation
Protect equipment and plant from theft and damage Prevent unwanted trespassers Reduce health and safety problems View your sites from head office or anywhere in the world Save money on security
Forecourts And Retail Outlets
Protect high value assets on public display Prevent attacks on staff Monitor critical times suck as lockup / cash transfer
Provide 24 hour real-time monitoring of your home or grounds Local or overseas